The Israeli cabinet has approved calling up 40,000 reservists. But as one writer at the Israeli news site Haaretz noted , that may not be a telling development. In 2012, some 75,000 reservists were called up but a ground offensive never materialized. One argument against a ground offensive is that finding and clearing out the underground tunnels where Hamas rockets are stored and launched could take weeks or months. Is the Israeli public or the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared for a long slog, with likely Israeli casualties? As Haaretz notes: The government doesn’t look like it has the stamina required for this. This complex reality is the cause of tensions between the military and political leaderships, surfacing after weeks of close coordination and a good atmosphere. Netanyahu’s circle is starting to complain about IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, and the major-generals who aren’t suggesting original solutions to the situation.
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